We are in the midst of a measles outbreak in Canterbury.
A vaccination programme is being provided across the whole of Canterbury.
The current recommendations for vaccination from the primary care response group are:
1. People who are not up-to-date according to the schedule in their age group:
a) Children and young adults ( age range 5 to 28 years) who are either not immunised or have received only one dose of MMR to date.
b) Children 12 months to 5 years who have never received any doses of MMR
2. The 4 year old MMR can be brought forward to no sooner than 4 weeks after the previous MMR
3. Adults aged 29-50 ( this cohort has only received one dose of  Measles vaccine)
People born before 1969 are considered low risk and do not require vaccination as they are likely to have already had measles.
Please check your own or your child’s Plunket book for the number of measles or MMR vaccinations before calling the nurse.
If you or your family suspect you may have measles, please DO NOT come to the Medical Centre. Call the nurse for advice.