Request a repeat prescription

Please allow two complete working days before collection and make allowances for weekends and public holidays. Repeat prescriptions are only available for stable medical conditions which have had medication previously prescribed during a consultation by one of our doctors within the last six months.

If you require a prescription on the same day or your request is urgent please phone the practice.

Please note, that for medications which can affect blood pressure, you may be asked to make an appointment for a blood pressure check with one of our nurses, prior to collecting your prescription. An additional $13 charge will be made for this check.

If you have any money owing on your account, we may not be able to process your prescription until this has been cleared.

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    Prescription collection
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    Charges: Adult $25 (CSC $17.50) / Child 14-17 $12.50 (CSC $11.50) / under 14 $10